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Why might you want an Executive Coach?
What is Coaching? 
What can you expect from Executive Coaching?
What free "value added" can you expect?
What unique services does Clear Impact offer?

What is Contextual Coaching?

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Who are your Coaches?

Who is our Ideal Client?

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Why might you want an Executive Coach?

  • You would like to accelerate your success.
  • You would like to strengthen your leadership skills and your ability to work effectively with others.
  • You want to set inspiring short and long term goals.
  • You want to be more consistently effective at having what you want in life.
  • You want to be more successful with less effort.
  • You want a cleaner alignment between how you live your life and what is important to you. 
  • You want your life to be more meaningful and fulfilling. 
What is Coaching? 
  • Coaching is collaborative, with a foundation of trust, honesty, respect, and openness.
  • Coaching is effective, focused, and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Coaching has a positive, healthy orientation.
  • Coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaching is particularly for those who are willing to take a healthier and deeper level of responsibility for their lives.
  • Coaching is a safe place to explore new possibilities, to move beyond self-imposed limits.
  • Coaching can be conducted either face-to-face or on the telephone. Your Coach can be as visible or invisible as you like.
  • Coaching is confidential within the limits of the law.
What can you expect from Executive Coaching?
  • Clear Impact Executive Coaching is about clarity and movement; and about "simple truths, consistently applied." ©.
  • You will clarify your direction. Direction is a vector determined by where you are now and where you want to go. The best goals are personally and professionally significant. 
  • Clear Impact Executive Coaching is action oriented, focused on movement in the direction of your goals. Each session will end with an action plan, a mutual determination of next steps.
  • You most likely will quickly see surprisingly positive results. 
What free "Value Added" can you expect?
Sometimes you just cannot wait until your next session. You may have a short question or request for feedback. You may need a confidential response to some situation that you can trust. As a value added, we offer our regular clients free telephone and e-mail consultations of under ten minutes between sessions, within reason. 

What unique services does Clear Impact offer?

  • Coaches generally assist you in identifying the gap between where you are and where you would like to be, and then "coach across" that gap (so that your current reality is more and more like your stated goals). I will often actively challenge both your definition of current reality and the relevance of your stated goals, to maximize the possibility that your goals are truly congruent with who you are and who you want to be at the deepest levels. Have you ever set a goal, reached it, and then found that it was not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling as you expected? or that it led the rest of your life to be out of balance?  Many coaches do not invite this kind of investigation, yet it is the crucial foundation for all subsequent work.
  • Once you have identified your current reality and goals, many coaches are able to help you identify logical next steps and action plans for reaching those goals. Most of us regularly identify logical and obvious next steps, yet fail to follow through on those actions. We have found that the real art and skill of coaching is in helping you to understand what gets in your way during these times, and then effectively dissolving those obstacles. 
  • Our focus is on effortlessness - how to be more successful with less effort, with less expenditure of internal and external resources, how to be successful without agitation.  Solutions that depend on force of will are inherently limited - we cannot consistently maintain that sort of efforting. That is why people who listen to motivational speakers usually find that they have increased momentum for some short period of time, and then things essentially return to normal. We can help you identify alternative solutions that do not depend on force of will, and are more effective and long lasting.

What is Contextual Coaching?
A corporate coach sits down with an executive. Together they clarify the leader's perception of current reality (what is happening now) and vision (the desired outcome). Having identified this gap, they begin to explore possibilities for bridging the gap, for meeting those goals. They collaboratively determine action plans, identify potential obstacles, and then work together to ensure positive forward momentum.

This is what often happens, and it sounds great. However there is one key problem: they are working off the leader's perception of current reality, and the leader's best guess of what outcomes are most needed. What if these are inaccurate or limited?

We all have blind spots, for a variety of reasons. Leaders are often out of touch with how they are being perceived, and what issues are seen as most significant by others in their organization. People may not be fully honest with a leader due to his/her position. The result is often "fiddling while Rome burns," executive coaching that is tangential to more pressing concerns. The executive's blind spots become blind spots for the coaching relationship as well.

Out of this awareness came Contextual Coaching©. When desired by the client we can conduct a series of confidential interviews with key people within the organization. We can then feed back overall patterns and themes to the executive, being careful to not reveal anything that identifies any particular individuals. This provides a basis for ensuring that our coaching starts with as much clarity as possible, and thus is optimally impactful. Having built those connections, we then also have a potential source of ongoing information to assist the potency of the coaching relationship. The result is executive coaching with a CLEAR IMPACT.

This is a value added to the coaching relationship, and may not be appropriate or advisable in all situations. For example, some executives choose to keep their coaching relationship confidential. It is of course always up to the client whether to include this contextual component.

Free initial consultation
Choosing your Coach is an important decision. After one session you will understand much more about the coaching process and what you can expect. For this reason, I offer a free consultation. References are available upon request.


Who are your Coaches

We have each worked with people professionally for over 25 years. Our clients generally become more successful, effective, and fulfilled in both business and personal contexts. We have devoted our lives to understanding ourselves and others, to personal and professional development. What we bring to each session is the culmination of our life experiences and the wisdom and clarity that have been distilled from them. We have unique perspectives that act as catalysts for your being able to move successfully towards your goals. We will challenge you, inspire you, support you, and assist you in having what you most want in your life. 

People ask us to describe our core competencies as a coach, and what sets us apart from other coaches. On the surface we bring a strong understanding of coaching technology, a well-developed set of skills, and wisdom culled from years of personal and professional experience. On a deeper level we bring the results of an earnest exploration into our own filters, limiting beliefs and internal structures, including an ability to assist others in seeing what gets in their way of having what they want, both personally and professionally. 

At an even deeper level we assist the development of an inner relaxation that allows for increased effectiveness and fulfillment. We’ve learned to work successfully with people on both the doing level and the being level, and this is a powerful combination. Agitation is non-productive. It can appear superficially productive, but at a deeper level it gets in the way of productivity, harmony, and satisfaction. Coming from a place of equanimity allows us to be passionately engaged in our work without bringing unhealthy baggage along for the ride. We are less agitated, blaming, complaining, power struggling, and taking things personally. With an abundance of freed-up energy, we have a natural desire to express our inner talents. We are able to access deeper levels of wisdom, creativity, and clarity, and are better able to listen and truly connect with others. This leads to more personal effectiveness and overall job satisfaction. Leaders and managers become better able to create the conditions for improved team functioning, employee productivity, and employee retention. 

When working with teams, we assist in creating an internal culture energized by collaboration and partnership, with increased productivity and creativity and a greater sense of effortlessness and flow. With appropriate skills, tools and agreements the individual personalities relax. People become more fully present and engaged, and the group has increased focus and clarity. As judgments and assumptions are suspended, and trust and respect increased, team members become more interested and able to truly listen to each other, and less interested in defending their positions, power struggling, and playing out covert agendas. They are better able to separate root causes from problems and symptoms. They become more inspired and able to tap into their collective wisdom. At these times the group is truly more than the sum of its part, with accelerated productivity and creativity.

We work at different levels, depending on the needs and wishes of my clients. We're quite comfortable and competent assisting clients in setting goals, exploring creative ways to get at these goals, removing obstacles, and setting clear action plans with accountability that accelerate their ability to be successful. What stays consistent in all our coaching and consulting work is that we work with who you are as a leader/executive/manager, not just your skill set, and we assist people in working from their strengths.

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Who is our Ideal Client?
Our ideal corporate client wants to be a REAL leader. He or she believes it is possible to be successful while being genuine and congruent. To our ideal client, trust and respect are values rather than strategies.

References: Joel

Joel was my executive coach for the period of one year.   More importantly, we worked together during a time of significant challenges within the business and within the executive team of StorageTek.  Throughout this time, Joel brought clarity of purpose and shed light on the issues and the underlying agendas which were driving the corporation.  Joel focused on the ecosystem of the company and how to become a stronger player throughout.  He also focused on the interpersonal relationships, building my ability to be successful.

 Because of Joel’s coaching of me, I am a very different executive.  I have recognized my strengths and leverage them for the benefit of the business and driving bottom line success.  I now have the ability to recognize the driving style and ecosystem of the corporation and more importantly, the executive team, and modify my style to best become a key team member.  More over, courageous leadership is a key differentiator of an effective executive.  My ability to influence change and lead courageously has been significantly improved because of Joel’s ability to coach and mentor.

Stacy Dumas

Chief Information Officer

StarTek, Inc.



I  have worked with Dr. Joel Rothaizer who I have worked with as my personal coach off and on for approximately 2 years. In my experience, Dr. Rothaizer is always professional as he places a strong emphasis on helping his clients focus on their stated goals while assisting them in  examining the possibilities beyond, and in relation to, those goals.  He is always sincere and motivational as he encourages responsibility for one's own actions. Dr. Rothaizer is a strong, positive model for what he believes and teaches, and brings that essence to bear in helping his clients work though the obstacles preventing growth and clarity. I highly recommend Dr. Rothaizer.

Diane  Hearn
Project Manager - RESO
IBM Global Services - Boulder
(303) 924-4612

I have had the opportunity to work with Joel over the past five years and have only positive feedback to share with your organization regarding his professional skills.  Joel works with great clarity and brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and integrity to his work with others.  He has served as one of my most valued teachers, helping me to excel in my own corporate coaching endeavors.  Overall, he has had a significant impact on my personal and professional development.  Joel has my highest recommendation as a corporate consultant and coach. 

IBM Senior Project Manager


Working with Joel was great! I found him to be gracious, wise, and extremely validating. Both his persona and professional competence

contribute to his skill at getting to the heart of the matter very quickly. I acquired not only new tools and clearer direction, but, most

importantly, greater clarity around who I am.


Linda Axford






For more discussion regarding the distinction between psychotherapy and coaching, click here. To see a copy of our Coaching Agreement, click here


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